A TEAM of Bradford firefighters have appeared on a BBC Two programme discussing how faith and religion help them to do their job.

The crew from Fairweather Green fire station were featured on Stories of Us on Sunday, in the final episode of the series focusing on how ordinary people across the country are leading spiritually and emotionally fulfilling lives in a variety of different ways.

Watch Commander Abid Qureshi shared how his faith as a Muslim plays an integral part in his job, and other firefighters also spoke about the importance of team work, camaraderie and sharing feelings in ensuring they can perform at the highest levels.

Speaking to presenter Ashley John-Baptiste, Mr Qureshi said he had wanted to be a firefighter since childhood, as "a key part of my religion is helping people".

He said the only time he misses prayers is in emergencies, and sometimes prays on the way to call outs as a way to find strength. He said: "I always turn to my faith in times of hardship".

During the segment, the presenter helps out with training exercises including removing a car's roof at a crash and rescuing a child from a classroom engulfed in flames, and described the work firefighters do as "remarkable and incredible".

Other firefighters at the station, who did not have religious faith, shared what other things are crucial to enable them to do their jobs. One said: "We're together 48 hours a week, we're like a family.

"There is counselling available but a lot of the time after a bad job we just sit and have a cup of tea together and talk to make sure everyone was ok. The camaraderie is so important."

Ronnie Goldwater, a 42-year veteran of the fire service, said when you rescue someone "it makes like you feel like you have been put here for a reason".

Mr Qureshi added: "Whether you are religious or not I think we all have that belief that you should help people."

Ashley John-Baptiste summarised by saying: "This job is not about being a hero, it's about helping ordinary people, and these are extraordinary people who go above and beyond to help those in need.

"Whether they are motivated by faith, a duty or an obligation, I'm just glad there are people out there willing to put themselves on the line.

"I was only with the team for a short time but it made me feel very spiritual to see how they came together in times of adversity and leaned on each other for support."