THE Government has introduced new coronavirus restrictions - but will people obey them?

If the reactions of T&A readers are an indication the Government faces a major problem in getting people to stick to the rules.

Months of lockdown, confusing messages and a shambolic test and trace programme have left people utterly fed up.

Readers reacted with a mixture of fury and astonishment at the announcement.

Vicki Medley said on Facebook: "My son can play with 60 other kids in play ground at school but not 1 child in our garden, we can also mix with another household in a pub where dozens of people are but again not in our own gardens! I know which I would prefer."

While Denis Boocock Virr added: "(I) can go work in a office with 10 people who go home to their families but I cannot see my family. Don’t think so.

"(I) will not be told who I can and cannot see."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Diane Grange posted: "Getting seriously sick of this now. Can go in pubs etc but do not see your own family. It won't go away when people cannot just stick to social distancing or wear a mask to do their shopping if they can. It isn't too much to ask is it?"

Michelle Roundhill added: "Get lost .. I'll speak to who I want ... Its no different talking to a neighbour than it is someone coming into my shop .. this is all just batshit crazy!! And how the hell is London exempt from all of this .. I smell a massive rat!"

Steven Eyles pointed out: "Can sit in an air-conditioned office breathing in the recycled same air of a hundred people for 8 hours, but can't talk to your mate outdoors for 10 minutes."

And Rob Breezley said: "Time the govt all quit and let someone in who has a clue what they’re doing."