THE Craven League football season only got underway earlier this month, but it has already been put on hold, after clubs reported positive cases of coronavirus.

Silsden Whitestar have confirmed two positive cases, while Carleton informed the league on Wednesday that they had a player who had tested positive.

The league said that all affected or potentially affected parties would be or have been informed.

With these positive cases in mind, the Craven League have decided to suspend their football season until September 26.

That decision was taken last Wednesday, meaning no matches went ahead over the weekend, in what was supposed to be a packed programme of games.

The Craven Cricket League has also suffered coronavirus-related issues in the last few weeks.

They suspended matches for two weeks from July 31, following increased Covid-19 infections in areas governed by Bradford Council and Pendle Borough Council, before returning in mid-August.

And though some matches were able to go ahead in the weekend just gone, several were conceded due to the virus.