MEET more beautiful newborns, bringing rays of sunshine to families across the district.

It’s a difficult time to have a baby. Because of restrictions in place due to the pandemic, many mums are going into hospital alone, and going through the birth process without a loved one at their side.

But it’s also a special time to be born - and we hope these delightful picture galleries of T&A readers' babies will be treasured keepsakes.

Nova Marie, pictured above with big brother Mikael James, was born at BRI, weighing 6lb, 1oz, to Andie Edmondson of Bingley.

Says Andie: "My baby daughter had an unknown heart condition, so we were rushed to the LGI within three hours of her arrival and we stayed there for five weeks. She had two operations in that time - one at five-days-old and one at seven-days-old.

The team was amazing and we are doing so much better now after her third operation on July 8."

Below is Scarlett Grace Farnhill-Butler. Image by Sarah Emma Photography 


Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Scarlett Grace was born at Airedale Hospital, weighing 7lb 2oz, to Sammy Farnhill and James Butler of Baildon

The proud parents say: "Scarlett was born the day after lockdown, meaning she couldn’t meet any family until she was three months old!

"She is the happiest baby and always smiling, regardless of the situation."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Jahsaei-Mackai Elijah Desmond Pinnock (above) was born at BRI, weighing 10lb 3oz, to Courtney Mitchell and Nikkiel Pinnock of Bradford.

Says Courtney: "I was in labour for almost three days. I was 13 days late and my chunk finally decided to make an appearance and definitely not by choice! I had an episiotomy and forceps to help him along, when he finally entered the world to a surprise to all of us he came out at a shocking 10lbs 5oz but I wouldn't have him any other way.

"I was told he was the biggest baby delivered that whole month."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mabel Judith Ann Knapton (above), born at Airedale, 7lb 3oz, to Megan and Alex Knapton of Baildon.

Says Megan: "It's scary as a first time mum, even harder in the pandemic. I developed gestational diabetes so I was induced one week, two days early. My husband couldn’t be with me for the first 21 hours of labour. Our little princess arrived at 39 weeks exactly. She is pictured aged 10 weeks old."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Leela-Olivia (above), born at BRI, 5lb 9oz, to Kaitlan Georgina Pearcey of Keighley. A sister for Callie

Says Kaitlan: "At the beginning of my pregnancy we had a bit of a scare but we are so blessed that she was so strong and is here with us! For most of my scans I had to go alone, due to corona, but I had a lot of support.

"My baby girl came three days over so I was induced. I also had to go in alone, it was quite hard due to being a young mum (18) and this being my first baby. I had a safe and quick birth. It was the most amazing feeling and still is now! She is the most amazing beautiful little baby girl."

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