IDLE Cricket Club has commended family, staff and members for their "quick reaction and pro-active approach" after a person who was at the club on Sunday had tested positive for COVID-19

Emma Wood, Idle Cricket Club trustee, said: "We commend the family, staff and all members concerned at Idle Cricket Club, Cavendish Road, for their quick reaction and pro-active approach.

"Within the hour of receiving her positive test result the lady concerned contacted family and friends, Idle Cricket Club and other businesses.

"The procedures in place at Idle Cricket Club worked very well. Although we have not been contacted by NHS track and trace, the club officials took action and the members who were in attendance at the same time were quickly identified and called.

"The club itself has two rooms and so many members did not have any direct contact, however to be 'super safe' Idle Cricket Club spoke with every member in the club on the same day and both rooms of the club have been and continue to be cleaned and disinfected throughout.

"We like to say a big thank you for the great effort at Idle Cricket Club, Cavendish Road."

The club will be open as usual for business this Friday.