THE mother of a vulnerable child has aired her frustrations after being left in limbo with no result from her coronavirus test.

Tabinda Shah, 39, from the BD5 area, went for a test at Bradford University last Wednesday after showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

She said: "I called up Wednesday last.

"I was booked through for a test at Bradford University and had the test in the evening.

"They said I should receive the results in 48 hours."

The mother-of-three went home and said the leaflet she had been given said to get in touch with the 119 helpline, if you do not receive a result within five days.

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A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson outlined those who do not receive their result within 48 hours, should contact the 119 line and information should be passed to an investigation team.

This is what happened on Monday, August 31, when Mrs Shah rang the line after receiving no correspondence.

She said she was told somebody would contact her within 48 hours.

Two days passed and Mrs Shah had still heard nothing.

She said: "I called on Thursday (September 3).

"I initially spoke to a woman who wasn't helpful at all."

The advisor was rude, blunt and explained the helpline has no contact with the labs where the tests are sent and are extremely busy, according to Mrs Shah.

She said: "Obviously, I asked if she knows what I do know, where do I go.

"She said once 10 days has cleared, you can resume normal activities."

This left Mrs Shah confused, as she was previously told to not send her children to school until her test results came back and was advised to cancel a scan at hospital.

The situation is particularly delicate for her family, as her 19-year-old son is vulnerable to the virus.

He was given the all clear from Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer around five years ago.

The Cancer was at Stage Four and had spread to his lungs, so he had to have radiotherapy on the organ.

This means he is more vulnerable to COVID-19, which attacks the respiratory system, and the family have received "lots of text messages" from the Government and doctors surgery.

Mrs Shah decided to ring the 119 line again on the Thursday and admitted the advisor was much more helpful, but gave the same outcome.

The mother-of-three said: "She said there was nothing they can do."

The Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said members of the public are advised to book another test, if a record of their test cannot be found.

But Mrs Shah claims she asked for another test and was told she was unable to, because five days had passed since her first sign of symptoms.

The NHS website states: "If you have symptoms, get a test as soon as possible.

"You need to get the test done in the first five days of having symptoms."

Mrs Shah says the situation has left her in limbo.

Her life is on hold if symptoms remain, as she'll have to isolate for another 10 days without knowing whether she actually needs to.

If they subside, she could potentially be going out with the virus lingering in her system, which is something she does not want to do.

Mrs Shah has questioned the Government and the 119 service and asks how the general public are supposed to take the virus seriously, if tests go missing and people are left to make their own judgement.

Mrs Shah said: "People are going out of their way to get tests done.

"They could go out after 10 days and have it in their system and be passing it on.

"What's the point of having tests if you're not going to get results?

"It's no excuse to say, 'it's chock-a-block'".

The Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “It is disappointing to hear of someone having a poor experience accessing testing, particularly in such difficult circumstances, and we will ensure this particular case is investigated.

“NHS Test and Trace is working and the vast majority of people do not report any issues with the process.

“Over 16 million tests have been delivered so far and people can access fast, free testing through home testing kits or their nearest regional or mobile site.”