A MAP which shows the number of deaths by postcode area has revealed a stark drop in deaths in the worst affected areas.

The Office for National Statistics figures are based on all deaths where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate and which had been registered by August 15.

There were 90.2 deaths per 100,000 people that involved Covid-19 in England and Wales over the five month period.

But this dramatically lowered during the summer from a peak of 53.4 per 100,000 during April to just 1.8 in July.

What did the data show in the worst affected areas of Bradford?

Areas such as Manningham & Lister Park saw a peak of 14 deaths in April but in the month of June had no deaths.

Similar areas which had suffered a high amount of deaths also reported a drop and generally peaked in the months of April and May.

Bingley Town saw 15 deaths in April at its peak but reported 2 in June.

Fairweather Green reported 19 deaths overall, peaking at 12 in April. It reported no further deaths in the month of June.

Great Horton & Brackenhill reported its highest amount of deaths in April and 21 overall. Again, the ward did not have a single death in the month of June. 

What did the data show in relation to areas with the highest amount of covid-19 cases?

In the latest breakdown, area by area, of positive cases of Covid-19, the following areas had the largest amount of cases: Barkerend East - 24, Shearbridge & University - 18 and Heaton Highgate - 15.

Using the data on this map, Barkerend East saw three deaths reported between April and May and no further deaths in June. It is unknown yet whether the rise in cases will see more lives lost.

Shearbridge & University reported 15 overall deaths, nine of which happened in April. The area saw two deaths in June.

Heaton Highgate peaked in April with three deaths but reported no new deaths in June.

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