THESE pictures show the moment a Domino’s worker was caught washing his feet in the takeaway’s sink.

The photographs, taken at the chain’s Keighley branch on Bradford Road, were shared with the Telegraph & Argus over safety and hygiene fears for customers.

His behaviour was described as “disgusting” and it was claimed it was the sink where pots and pans are washed - with some still in there at the time.

The worker looks to be standing on a flattened out pizza box while submerging his feet in the sink, which appears to be in the main cleaning area of the kitchen.

In one shot, a pizza can be seen in the foreground of the photograph, highlighting the proximity to the main kitchen area where food is prepared.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The incident is understood to have happened this May, during the ongoing Covid-19 situation and amid heightened awareness around cleanliness and health and safety protocol.

While the pizza chain said it supports its staff in carrying out religious practices, its “strict hygiene standards” do not allow the use of hand wash basins for this purpose.

One of the pillars of the Islamic faith is praying five times a day and before those prayers, Muslims are expected to perform a purification ritual called Wudhu, requiring that they wash their faces, hands, arms, and feet.

A spokesperson for Domino’s told the Telegraph & Argus: “At Domino’s we have a diverse workforce and are proud of the support we give our teams to allow for religious practices during operating hours.

“Our strict hygiene standards however do not allow the use of a hand wash basin for these purposes.

“When this incident was raised in May this year, we immediately spoke to the driver who assured us this wouldn’t happen again.

“There have been no further incidents.”

Domino’s said they were unable to confirm whether disciplinary action had been taken against the employee due to GDPR regulations.