PEOPLE have been urged to upcycle or donate unwanted goods after a surge in tip visits as lockdown restrictions were eased.

The re-opening of Bradford’s household waste recycling centres has resulted in a huge rise in the amount of unwanted items people have been getting rid of compared with the same period in previous years.

Recycling staff are now asking people to consider whether items destined for the scrap heap could be repaired or donated to furniture repair charities or newly re-opened charity shops.

And people have also been urged to watch YouTube videos on how to re-cycle goods to see if it gives them any inspiration.

Extra 500 tonnes of waste collected in Bradford per week during pandemic

A spokesman for Bradford Council said: “We need to stop being a throwaway society and become a retain, re-use and recycling community. We want people to use stuff for longer, mend it and then find new homes for it before taking to the HWRC.

“It would save money and benefit the environment. We would love to encourage people to find an alternative use for things they no longer need. There are plenty of re-use and recycling charities online and it may be that you can find a better way to dispose of unwanted items.”

For more information on where to recycle items visit