A BRADFORD man has received recognition from the Government of Pakistan for his charitable work during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Abdul Satar, from Lidget Green, was one of six people in the UK to be recognised by the Pakistan Government in an online ceremony celebrating the achievements and contributions of the worldwide Pakistani diaspora.

Mr Satar is the founder of Bradford Community Kitchen, a Grattan Road-based charity which provides hot meals, emotional support, clothes and hygiene products for vulnerable people.

The charity - founded in 2017 - had to close its Millside Centre base when lockdown was imposed in March.

Despite this, it has since distributed over 4,000 food packs to elderly and vulnerable people who have been self-isolating.

This month, a webinar ceremony was linked from the Consulate of Pakistan in Bradford to Pakistan's Foreign Ministry, from where the Right Honourable Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Shah Mahmood Quereshi, addressed Mr Satar in the presence of Consul General Mr Ibrar Hussain Khan and Consul Mr Shoaib Mubarak.

Mr Satar, whose parents moved to Bradford from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir in the early 1960s, said: "I'm very thankful to the Pakistan Government - I was one of six British-Pakistanis to be recognised, celebrating the contributions of the diaspora and overseas Pakistanis.

"As Muslims, we feel it's our duty to help people, so I didn't ask for any recognition, but I'm still very grateful for it.

"We distributed over 4,000 food packs and befriended elderly people, who our team are still in touch with, and also supported people with mental health issues.

"We've made phone calls to the elderly, to show that we're here for them. We were in touch with someone who wanted to commit suicide, but we supported and helped that person, too."

Some of the other work done by Mr Satar and Bradford Community Kitchen include supporting countries affected by war, famine and poverty.

"We have a container of supplies going to Yemen, and last year we sent four containers there. We've also worked with schools in Pakistan to support people there, too."

Mr Satar says Bradford Community Kitchen does not receive any council funding, which makes the support from its sponsors - Regal Foods PLC, Pakistan Catering, Icestone Gelato, Raja's Great Horton Road, Sweet Centre, Shalamar Catering, Letz Move, Sunrise Catering, Manjaros, Kamran's Solicitors and Good & Co Solicitors - even more important.

"Without them, we couldn't do this, so we're grateful for their help. I also thank Letz Talk mobile phones, for letting us use their site to distribute the food packs, with special thanks to Amjad Akram", said Mr Satar.