MANY of us meet our partners through friends, nights out or now more commonly online, however some are lucky enough to meet their partner at work.

Could it be possible that some of us are more astrologically inclined to meet our partners at work than others? Interested in finding out, PsychicWorld surveyed 2,569 people and analysed their star sign traits to see who is most likely to have an office romance, as well as the type of relationship they can expect.

Of the 2,569 people surveyed, almost 4 in 10 (39%) have had an office romance. PsychicWorld can reveal that the sign most likely to have an office romance is…

LIBRA - PDA CENTRAL: At the top of the list are Libras (68%). Libras are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, so it’s no surprise they have had the most romance in the office! Known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, they are willing to throw caution to the wind in the name of love.

TAURUS - SECRET LOVERS: Following in second place are Tauruses, with 63% having already experienced an office romance. Although they’re known for being dependable and having an amazing work ethic, they are not above sneaking around the office for a quick hook-up with a colleague. Known for being easy going, they are happy to keep things secret to avoid potential problems at work.

VIRGO - MULTIPLE LOVERS: Not only are Virgos likely to have an office romance, with 55% of participants admitting so, their traits make them capable of having multiple partners on the go! Virgos fall in love very easily and are the definition of charming. They revel in the idea of a new love interest, making it hard for them to pick one person.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

PISCES - LONG TERM LOVERS: Known for being one of the more emotional signs, Pisces feel it all. They may try to hide their emotions at first but their need for finding a soulmate always prevails, which is why 52% can say they’ve experienced an office romance. Passionate and also intense, this sign longs for a long-term relationship to give their all in, which is why of all the signs Pisces are also most likely to have an office romance that will last and lead to marriage.

AQUARIUS - FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: PsychicWorld found that 46% of Aquarians have had an office romance and it’s no surprise as after all, the free love era was called “The Age of Aquarius”. Known for being independent, Aquarians often like to keep things light and flirty to avoid the feeling of being trapped.

GEMINI - ON AND OFF: 4 in 10 Geminis (41%) have experienced an office romance! They are well known for being good at their jobs, so it’s not surprising that they manage to capture the attention of co-workers. They are also known for being inconsistent and getting bored fast, which in turn can often lead to them having on and off relationships with their colleagues. When it comes to their office romance, you can expect some drama to follow.

SCORPIO – THE GAME OF LOVE: In seventh place are Scorpios. They can be intense and prefer secrecy, which is why PsychicWorld have labelled their office romance “the game of love”. Scorpios like to drive their partner wild with desire and lust which is why they are fond of entertaining people but never getting involved as they don’t want to ruin their chance of success. However, one size doesn’t fit all with the Scorpio, as 37% admit to already having had an office romance.

ARIES - UNREQUITED LOVE: Aries are another sign that can’t help but fall fast and hard. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and this can often scare some co-workers as they may want to keep it cool, calm and casual. Wanting to ignore potential office tension at work is why only 34% having had an office romance.

SAGITTARIUS - CAUTIOUS LOVERS: Only 3 in 10 Sagittariuses have had an office romance because they like to test their partners before committing and have a picky nature. Of all the signs, Sagittariuses value their freedom the most so if they are going to have an office romance, they will weigh up all the options beforehand.

CANCER – ONE NIGHT STAND: When it comes to their career, Cancers are all about being focused on their reputation and success. 22% of those surveyed have had an office romance and according to PsychicWorld they are most likely to have a one-night stand due to their devotion to remaining focused and avoiding too much emotion in the workplace.

LEO – SECRET ADMIRERS: Leos are too focused on being the best to get swept up in office romances, hence why only 14% have. That doesn’t mean that they are a stranger to sharing fleeting glances and holding eye contact with someone they find attractive though.

CAPRICORN – IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP WITH WORK: When it comes to their career, Capricorns won’t let anything get in the way, especially romance. Known for being one of the more disciplined, realistic and practical signs, these traits follow them into the workplace, hence why only 9% of those surveyed have had an office romance.