THE commemoration of the end of the Second World War on this day 75 years ago is being marked online in Bradford tomorrow.

The public is being encouraged to tune in online to join in commemorations for Victory in Japan Day, when Japanese forces surrendered to Allied Forces, bringing an end to the worldwide conflict which claimed tens of millions of lives.

In line with national activities organised by the Royal British Legion, a two minutes silence will be taking place at 11am, and people can also watch a Service of Remembrance and national tribute both broadcast on the BBC.

The British Legion is also holding an online conversation between Keighley’s Captain Sir Tom Moore, Private Joseph Hammond and Dr Peter Johnston.

In Bradford, a special service is being broadcast by Bradford Cathedral across its social medial channels from midday on Saturday, which will feature a contribution from the Lord Mayor of Bradford Councillor Doreen Lee.

On Sunday, City Hall will be lit up in red, white and blue to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VJ Day.

To help people to organise VJ Day celebrations in their own homes, the Council has created a special page on its website with ideas, resources and links, including information about online events they can join in with, wartime recipes to try, templates to make your own bunting, children’s activities and links to help people discover and share their family history.

Cllr Joanne Dodds, Bradford Council’s Armed Forces Champion, said: “It’s disappointing that plans to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day have had to be cancelled, but especially with rising infection rates in the district it’s so important we all do our bit to stop the spread Covid-19.

“We still want people to be able to celebrate the day and also reflect on the sacrifices made by not only the British forces, but also the Allied and Commonwealth forces who all contributed so much to bring about the end of the Second World War.

“This is why we have put together the page of ideas and resources to help people to do this within their own households in the safety of their own homes.

“We hope people enjoy using these ideas to commemorate the day with everyone in their household and virtually with friends and family.”

The Lord Mayor Cllr Doreen Lee added: “I would encourage everyone to remember this important chapter in world history and pay tribute to the memory of those who served in the Far East.”

Captain Sir Tom Moore served in India, the Burma campaign and in Sumatra during the Second World War, sent to the frontline at the age of 21.

He said: ““For me VJ Day will always be the most special of days, remembering all those who served in such challenging conditions in the Far East.

“It was VJ Day when the pain of war could finally start to fall away as peace was declared on all fronts.

“I respectfully ask Britain to stop whatever it is doing and take some time to remember.

“We must all take the time to stop, think and be thankful that were it not for the ultimate sacrifices made all those years ago by such a brave band of men and women we would not be enjoying the freedoms we have today, even in these current difficult times.”