A MAJOR police operation to combat knife crime and serious violence is continuing to cut the use of weapons in West Yorkshire.

Operation Jemlock recently marked its 3000th arrest, with the total now surpassing 3200 arrests, since it started in April 2019.

And, on top of that, more than 300 weapons have been seized during that time – with knives and other deadly implements taken off of the streets of West Yorkshire.

Chief Inspector Pete Hall of Operation Jemlock, said: “Some great work is being carried out by Jemlock officers who are working in the very heart of the communities we serve.

“Day in, day out they are out there making a real difference by being a highly visible and reassuring presence to law abiding citizens and a deterrent to those who seek to break the law.

“I am very proud of the number of arrests we have made but wanted to give a special mention to the weapons we have seized.

“We have taken a significant amount of potentially deadly weapons out of circulation. These are weapons that can now never be used to harm people. They can never be used to take a father or son, mother or daughter away from their family.”

Since Operation Jemlock started in April 2019, it has:

  • Submitted over 5244 pieces of intelligence to help target their enforcement activity
  • Helped to reduce knife crime by 12.4%
  • Helped to reduce robbery by 20%

Operation Jemlock was created after the Chief Constable, John Robins QPM met with the Home Secretary and other chief officers in March 2019.

Following that meeting, a number of police forces were given additional Home Office funding to tackle the issue of serious violence.

Further funding for a second financial year was allocated in April 2020 and it ensured the operation was able to continue.