A RARE breed pig farm in Kildwick features in a new promotional video from the campaign group Farms Not Factories.

Crowkeld Rare Breeds took part to highlight the benefits of ethical farming especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The farm specialises in native Hebridean Sheep, and British Land Race which owner Nina Baptiste describes as "the rarest of the rare breed pigs".

Nina said her local abattoir had closed due to the current lockdown, but she has managed to find another with very high standards not too far away.

She has taken more meat box orders during the lockdown, and people have become increasingly interested in her high-welfare farm.

The new video, which can be viewed at farmsnotfactories.org, uses Crowkeld Rare Breeds Farm’s approach to encourage ethical living conditions for livestock.

Farms Not Factories, which has campaigned against pig factories for more than 15 years, uses films for public screenings and social media.

The organisation publicises the damage it says is caused by factory pig farming to animals, human health, the environment and rural economies. It urges consumers to only buy local, high-welfare and ethically-produced pork.

During the pandemic, the organisation been asking small-scale pig farmers to film themselves explaining how their businesses are faring, and how they have adapted their sales strategies.

Farms Not Factories said many such farms were doing well because the lockdown had encouraged more people to shop locally with farmers they trusted.