HAVE you ever wondered what the pandemic would look like through the eyes of a child?

Eight-year-old Mohammad Adam Hussain has been filming daily videos about how coronavirus has changed his everyday life, sharing moments like his last day in school and Eid al-Adha at home.

The young boy, who lives in West Bowling with his family, has captured more than 100 days on camera after home school began in March.

The videos, which are titled 'Let’s beat it together', are filmed on his dad's mobile phone before they edit them together as a father and son.

The short videos then go live on his Youtube channel, Discover With Adam, and always urge people to stay safe and make the most of their time.

Some of his videos include book reviews, days out to Bradford's beauty spots, making a fort and baking cookies.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus, Adam said: "I do all sorts of things that people can try at home like caring for a plant and playing games and stuff like that.

"I've been trying to tell them to stay inside and stay safe. If we want to defeat the coronavirus we have to stay inside.

"My favourite video is caring for a plant. My first one didn't end well as it died."

Luckily Adam's second attempt, a Zebra plant, has been a success.

Sharing his future plans for the channel, he said: "I'm trying to get over 100 views on a video."

In his first video, titled 'School Closure', Adam explains his "unusual day".

He told viewers: "I was looking forward to the Easter holidays that were around the corner, only to be told by Mrs Walker that today was our last day until September. At first I was confused thinking it was all a dream but it couldn't be. I didn't know what caused it.

"Then the penny dropped, it came to the end of the day and we got our workbooks together and got ready to leave school."

In another video, 'My Message', Adam says: "Everyday we are one step closer to ending the coronavirus. Stay inside, stay safe."

His dad Shafaq Hussain says he has been amazed by his son's commitment to the videos.

"When school shut down he came up with the idea of lockdown and sending the message out there and making a bit of a difference, " Shafaq said.

"He's been at it since March. He's just put his head down. He says, 'Dad, can I borrow your phone?' and he puts it on a tripod in his room and just fires away.

"It's all elders giving out information and he just wanted to put it out there. He just keeps himself occupied."

You can watch Adam's channel here (directs to Youtube).