POLICE have determined a number of emergency calls over firearms in Shipley to be a 'hoax'.

West Yorkshire Police received a number of calls on Thursday (August 6) over reports of a firearm at an address on Fairbank, Shipley.

Following the initial calls, officers arrived at Fairbank around 3pm and left shortly after.

Around 5pm, police returned to the address when they forced entry and searched the property.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: "No one was present inside the house and no firearms were found.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"It was established that these were hoax calls and there was no risk to the public."

One witness said residents on the street were both 'scared' and 'confused'.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus, the man said: "I was a bit confused, because I was wondering why there was police outside my house, but I was also scared, as I saw four police vehicles and thought that something serious must have happened for there to be four police vehicles.

"The police didn't say anything to me or any other neighbours."