A BRADFORD doctor says it is important to listen to your child if they are feeling nervous about returning to school after the coronavirus crisis.

Dr Amir Khan was reacting to a survey from Start-Rite Shoes among primary school aged children which found one in three were nervous about returning to school, while one in 10 were feel scared about going back due to the pandemic.

He says parents should talk to their children about their anxiety and listen to them and also take them out for walks to distract them from these thoughts.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Khan said: “The government in England said schools will fully reopen in September.

“Everyone agrees children’s education must come first.

“A survey revealed one in three primary school age children are nervous about going back to school. One in 10 primary school aged children are scared about going back to school because of coronavirus.

“It’s normal for children to be scared and we should acknowledge that.

“As a parent you should talk to them about their anxiety. Tell them it’s normal to feel anxious.

“Explain to them what has been put into place at school to make them feel safe.

“Distraction and mindfulness, take them out for walks and take them out into the open air. Distract them from these thoughts.

“As a parent, you should talk to children about their anxiety, explain what measures are in place at their school. Take them out for walks, get them out in the open air.

“But really listen to them and acknowledge these thoughts. It is really, really important to do that.“