A HIP-HOP soul band has returned to its roots with its new single merging funk beats with classically trained musicians from Bradford Youth Orchestra.

Normanton Street - a trio made up of childhood friends Ned Archibong and Nicholson Davids and Brighton singer Phoebe-Freya - revealed their new single 'All That I Have' with QM Records will be going live this Friday (August 7).

From growing up in Shipley to the jazz bars of Brighton, the acclaimed group is making waves in the music industry, having been selected as The Independent’s ‘New Music of the Week’ in 2016 and attracting worldwide attention from various booking agents, venues and artists such as Talib Kweli and Kate Tempest.

The group first met with Bradford Youth Orchestra for a one-off performance for Bradford Festival in 2018 but described feeling "struck" by their talents and vowed to create more with them. 'All That I Have' saw Normanton Street blend their stripped back soulful guitar chords and angelic vocals with the orchestra's string arrangements.

Working with leaders Felicity French and Morgan Griffiths, the musicians collaborated at Salts Grammar School - which proved "nostalgic" for Ned, who grew up playing football on their field.

Ned said: “We were invited to collaborate with Bradford Youth Orchestra We were struck by how good the young guys were, they learnt their parts in one session. We were so impressed that the year after we got back together with The Orchestra to record some of our new songs. ‘All That I Have’ is the first of many to come.

"It was a great experience because we approached it (the song writing process) differently, how classical music is approached. We're very much based on feeling, we sort of jam to come up with an idea but when you work with classical musicians you bring the sheets to them. That meant some of the ideas we got we had to change to fit into the notes on a violin. It was a totally different experience."

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When asked if he supports Bradford's bid for City of Culture 2025, Ned said it would show off the "potential" in the district.

"It's a great melting pot," he said.

"If Bradford did win the City of Culture, it would really show the city's potential."

Speaking on the meaning behind 'All That I Have', front woman Phoebe Freya said: “I was pregnant, and aware that this was such a precious time when it was just me and her. When she was born she was in the world she wasn’t just mine anymore, she would become her own person. I wanted to write a song for her”.