BRADFORD Council has spoken out over the decision to close gyms as part of new restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19. 

A number of gyms in the Bradford district have spoken of their frustration over the issue, particularly as they had only been open less than a week before the announcement was made. 

There's also anger that the restriction only applies to gyms in the Bradford district, while those in neighbouring Kirklees and Calderdale can remain open. 

Energy Mill Gym in Shipley has decided to keep its doors open regardless. Read more about that here.

A spokesperson for Bradford Council, said: “This is not the position anyone wanted to be in but we have a high and growing level of Covid-19 infections in the district, and must control its spread. We urge everyone to follow these regulations to get the infection rate down, it is the right thing to do.

"The additional Government restrictions brought in on the July 31 bring us into line with a small number of other authorities where cases are high and where indoor sports and leisure facilities have not yet been able to open. 

“We know that the restrictions are disruptive for businesses like gyms and fitness centres. The decision to close gyms was taken by the Government who were advised by their experts.

"We did proactively raise the question with Government officials based on the growing infection rates across the district and Bradford Council supports the government’s decision.

"The nature of gyms and fitness centres means that people are exercising and so breathing more heavily and sweating in an indoor environment, often in close proximity to others for more than fifteen minutes, and often using multiple pieces of equipment so there is added risk.

"The Council agreed that the restrictions should apply to the whole district because people often travel to use sports facilities and don’t just use facilities where they live.

“The geography of the other restrictions applied last week was entirely the Government’s decision, the Council was not asked for its view and you will see that Government has chosen to apply these restrictions widely. 

"The Council was not consulted at all on the Government’s social restrictions on household mixing. We will work with Government to keep the situation under regular review.  Neither the Government nor ourselves will want to keep businesses closed for a minute longer than absolutely necessary.

“We have asked Government if we can use the remaining money we have left over from the Government’s business grants scheme to support businesses affected.  We are awaiting their response.”