THE founder of a Bradford business, who has been described as a "remarkable" figure in his community, has passed away at the age of 66.

Liaqat Ali, founder of Sunrise restaurant and banqueting hall, passed away on Saturday morning, after spending over three weeks in ICU at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

His son, Nadeem Ali, described his father as an "inspirational" member of his community, who "grew his business out of nothing and made it into an empire."

"In every Asian household in our community, there will be someone who knows of my father", Nadeem said.

"He was involved in the catering industry for over forty years - he would cater for people's weddings and then cater for their children's weddings, years later."

Nadeem also paid tribute to the NHS staff who helped to look after Mr Ali while he was ill.

"I'd like to give a testimony and pay tribute to the NHS staff, for all of their hard work.

"We've been in and out of hospital recently, especially over the last few weeks, and we have witnessed first-hand the remarkable job that they do."