THE LORD Mayor of Bradford has wished the city a "fabulous" Yorkshire Day.

Councillor Doreen Lee, the Lord Mayor of Bradford, posted a personal message on YouTube wishing everybody well on this "very special date".

Yorkshire Day takes place on August 1 every year.

It is a day dedicated to the county, where all things Yorkshire are celebrated.

The Lord Mayor said: "It's my great pleasure to wish you all a fabulous time on this very special date in the life of our county - Yorkshire Day.

"While things are a little different this year, we still have much to celebrate in our wonderful county.

"Our businesses and visitor attractions are gradually and cautiously starting to reopen.

"And while we are all still adapting to the new normal, we can be proud of our Yorkshire grit which sets us apart and I'm certain it will help get us through these strange times.

"Let's celebrate our fantastic district, our beautiful county.

"After all, we know there's nothing quite like it."

A staple of the county is the famous Yorkshire Tea brand.

The Lord Mayor asked people to raise a cup of the tasty brew and also gave a nod to those celebrating the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha this weekend.

She said: "I invite you to raise a cup of Yorkshire Tea and of course, a Yorkshire lass, I am also aware of some other people will be celebrating Eid this weekend and I hope you can all enjoy the festivities safely with your family and friends.

"So to everyone, Happy Yorkshire Day and a Happy Eid to everyone.

"Thank you."