PROPOSALS to erect a new 5G mast near Saltaire have been recommended for refusal after residents raised concern that it could affect tourism and attractiveness at the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Shipley Town Council shut down plans for the 5G mast upgrade on Bingley Road following a raft of complaints from councillors, locals and those living on the road itself.

Among those who called for its refusal was Saltaire World Heritage officer Sheena Campbell.

She warned that the existing mast is "visible from the World Heritage Site from the top of Victoria Road and Bingley Road" and that this application would fall within the Saltaire World Heritage Site Buffer Zone.

Shipley Town Council objected based on representations made by the residents in Shipley and Saltaire because of their interest in the "integrity of the World Heritage Site".

They also credited Ms Campbell's role in the campaign to stop the mast being upgraded after she explained her reasons for Saltaire requiring "special protection".

Explaining further reasoning for the decision, a spokesperson for Shipley Town Council said: "The proposed monopole is higher than the existing monopole, exacerbating the already negative visual intrusion of the existing pole, which affects views both into and out of the World Heritage Site.

"The previous (current) telecommunications installation at the same location was flagged as an eyesore before it was erected and should not have been permitted in this location."

If the proposal is to be approved, the Town Council has requested a condition that the new pole should be painted in 'Saltaire green', the dark green in which the street furniture on Victoria Road is painted.

The notice was passed onto Bradford Council's planning department which has since requested for the telecoms company to submit a full application.

Heritage England said it did not wish to object to the 5G mast but highlighted the significance of Bingley Road for the historic village.

The letter reads: "The close proximity of this road to other important infrastructures, namely the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, River Aire and former Midland Railway Line and former Bramley Turnpike (Saltaire Road), was a key factor in Titus Salt’s choice of location for his model village, and directly relates to the historic significance of the Saltaire WHS."

Councillors Martin Love and Kevin Warnes (Green, Shipley) both welcomed the decision to not class the mast as a permitted development, as enshrined in law back in 2019.

Explaining his joy, Cllr Love said: “This doesn't mean that the threat has been totally removed but that the telecoms company have to submit a formal planning application and local residents will be allowed to comment on that.”