A POLICE chief has warned it will be diificult to police Bradford's new  coronavirus restrictions further following "haphazard announcements made by the Government".

Brian Booth, Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, described the three hour period between the initial announcement and the rules being enforced as "absolute nonsense" and that the police service had "not been afforded the time to put things in place".

It follows last week's fears that police do not have "enough resources” to fine those not wearing masks from July 24.

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Now, the force has been given powers to fine those that break the rules by meeting people at private homes and gardens after an increase in the rate of infection.

The police will be able to issue fixed penalty notices starting at £100 – halving to £50 if paid in the first 14 days – and doubling for subsequent offences.

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The chairman said: “Yet again we are struggling to police – and get to grips with - what can only be described as haphazard announcements made by the Government in relation to tighter Covid-19 restrictions. It is an absolute nonsense that we as the police service have not been afforded the time to put things in place prior to an announcement.

“Many people in Kirklees, Calderdale and Bradford will have woken up this morning to the news that they are subject to tighter restrictions on their lives. And it will be up to my colleagues to police these restrictions.

“We must also remember that a lot of the areas subject to lockdown have communities who would have been intending to celebrate Eid and who will now be disappointed by this announcement. And it will be our West Yorkshire Police colleagues who will now be on the front line of having to manage the situation and stop separate households from meeting each other at their homes.

“We are still in the midst of a global pandemic, so we would ask the public to work with us on adhering to these new restrictions and remember we all need to pull together to keep people safe.”