TODAY’S heatwave in Bradford won’t last sadly, as temperatures cool off this weekend.

Here is a guide to this weekend’s weather, starting with today, according to the Met Office.


Today will be a red-hot scorcher with temperatures set to reach a high of 31C between 3pm and 6pm.

It will be wall-to-wall sunshine until 6pm, when cloudy, yet still warm, conditions take hold.

It will be a dry, cloudy one, with a mild night ahead, as the temperatures only fall to 17C overnight.


Temperatures will fall over the weekend with a sunny and, sometimes, cloudy Saturday.

Temperatures will reach a high of 20C at 1pm, with a dry night seeing the mercury only plunge to 13c.


The weekend will close with a similar day on Sunday to Saturday.

It will be a day of sunshine and cloudy conditions again, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 18C at 4pm.

No weather warnings are in place for Bradford this weekend, according to the Met Office.