A VIOLENT drug addict who robbed his local pharmacy and attacked a doctor and five police officers has been jailed for two years and four months.

Jonathan Turner lashed out at Airedale Hospital and nosedived off the bed, spitting in a police officer’s face, Bradford Crown Court heard on Thursday.

After he was bailed for robbery and assaulting a doctor and two officers, he went on to injure three more police officers with flying glass and hot water at his home in Lime Court, Bingley.

Turner, 49, was sentenced on a video link to Leeds Prison where he was remanded in custody after the second set of offences. His lengthy criminal record included two counts of trafficking Class A drugs, assaults, battery, burglary and criminal damage.

Prosecutor Paul Nicholson said Turner had pleaded guilty to robbery and assaulting the doctor and two police officers on December 3 last year.

He turned up at the pharmacy on Keighley Road, Bingley, under the influence of drugs or alcohol and demanded his methadone.

The dispenser told him to come back later because she wasn’t allowed to give him it while he was in that state but Turner threw leaflets from the counter on to the floor and pushed past her, the court was told.

He went into the staff only area and seized five bottles of methadone leaving her shocked, alarmed and shaking.

The police were called and found Turner unconscious on the sofa at his home. He was taken to Airedale Hospital where he began to come round, saying he had taken Spice.

He ripped out his cannula and lashed out scratching the doctor on the forearm. He then began punching and kicking out at hospital staff and police officers.

He caught an officer in the face and nosedived off the bed with blood spilling from his arm. He tried to strangle himself and spat in a police officer’s face, Mr Nicholson told the court.

Turner refused to be interviewed by the police and was released on bail.

On May 30, the police were called to his home with reports that he had been self-harming.

He had a cord round his neck and a hammer in his hand. He began smashing glass in the door with the hammer, hitting three officers in the face with the flying shards.

As they used a saw to break in and PAVA spray to subdue him, he threw hot water at them, catching two of them in the face. He was then seen trying to light an aerosol can.

The police used a shield and a hooligan board to get into the flat to arrest Turner.

His solicitor advocate, Simon Hustler, said Turner was a long-standing drug addict battling his demons in the community. He lived like a hermit in his flat and did not want contact with other people.

He had been sucked into drug dealing to fund his addiction and was using methadone because he knew he faced a seven-year jail sentence if he was caught a third time.

Judge Jonathan Rose accepted that Turner was completely out of control while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

But he told him: “These are dreadful offences against people who wanted to help you and were there to protect the public.”

Turner was jailed for 22 months for the first set of offences with six months to run consecutively for the offences on bail.