BRADFORD’S Marley Fields Covid-19 testing site has now carried out more than 10,000 tests on key workers and emergency service staff.

The local drive-through Coronavirus testing site which is located in Keighley opened in mid-April, and means that tests can be carried out easily for those working in the district with minimal travel. It has been classed as one of the top performing sites in the country.

Bradford District currently has the third highest Covid-19 testing rate of authorities in Yorkshire and Humber.

Other means of testing via walk-in centres, mobile testing units and home testing kits sent out has meant Bradford's public health team has been able to track infections in the community and respond rapidly to outbreaks or in areas with higher than expected numbers of infections.

Bradford 'walk in’ Covid test centre opens in Centenary Square tomorrow

Staff from Bradford’s outdoor education centres, Nell Bank, Ingleborough Hall and Buckden House, are all working together to support the test site at Marley Fields.

Teams that would normally be working with children on outdoor education summer activities are now helping with the administration and booking arrangements for Covid-19 tests.

While the Marley Fields test site is for front line workers and tests are by appointment only, if residents think they may have Covid-19 it’s now even easier to book in and have a test at the test site in Bradford’s Centenary Square or at a Mobile Testing Units.

If you are going for a test you must avoid travelling to and from the test site by public transport.

Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, Leader of Bradford Council, said: “It is a real achievement to reach this milestone so quickly and I want to thank all those staff and volunteers who have played their part in setting up the Marley Fields site and who are helping with organising and carrying out the tests.

“Testing for Covid-19 plays a vital role in our efforts to tackle the virus. That Marley Fields has managed to test so many people locally means we have a better understanding of infection rates and can better protect front-line staff and our community.

“We have also increased our testing capacity across the district with the testing site in Centenary Square and with mobile testing units that visit different localities so testing is available on your doorstep.

“We know Covid-19 rates in Bradford are higher than many places.

"Testing will help us bring rates down, but we also need everyone in our community to play their part. Please stay at home as much as you can so you don’t put your friends and family at risk. If you think you need to get tested, you can find out how to do this on our website.”