PLANS to build 14 homes on a plot of land in Baildon have been re-submitted, having been withdrawn earlier this year.

Proposals to build on Walker Wood, near Shipley Glen, had attracted 100 objections before they were withdrawn by applicants Steadman Brierley.

Now the application has been re-submitted, with some amendments designed to protect protected woodland.

If approved, the development would see an existing property, 41 Walker Wood, demolished to create access to the estate of four and five bed homes.

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The site is on a hillside overlooking Saltaire, and the application includes a Heritage Statement that claims: "The proposed development will have negligible visual impact upon views either into or out of Saltaire, the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

"Measures will be taken which include using dark low reflective materials to

allow the houses to blend into the woodland setting, even in the winter months. The layout of the development also limits the number of houses that can be seen from Saltaire."

The new application has also proved controversial - with 83 people having already objected to the new plans.

People have raised concerns over road safety and the impact on wildlife.

A decision on the application is expected in October.