A WOMAN has been jailed for four years for robbing a vulnerable widower of his wallet after forcing her way into his home.

Kimberley Booth, 41, of Woodlands Avenue, Halifax, was sentenced at Bradford Crown Court on a video link to Newhall Prison where she was remanded in custody.

Prosecutor Paul Nicholson said the victim was in his late fifties and lived alone. He had limited mental capacity and was trusting of strangers.

On June 2 in the early evening, Booth and another woman pushed their way into his home in the Halifax area to steal his wallet containing £10.

He was then pinned down on the bed and held down by the women who said there must be more money in the house. They then left the property taking his wallet containing the cash and his bus pass.

The distressed man called his neighbours and family for help, Mr Nicholson said.

Booth told the police she was under the influence of drugs when she committed the offence.

The court heard that she had 22 previous convictions for 45 offences, including shoplifting, theft from a dwelling, theft from a person and fraud.

John Bottomley, Booth’s solicitor advocate, said she pleaded guilty to the robbery at the earliest opportunity.

She and her accomplice, who has never been identified, had used minimal force to rob the victim and there was little or no planning.

Before she committed the offence, Booth’s mental health had deteriorated. She had a long history of drug misuse and was using her time in prison to detoxify.

Booth had a new partner who was supporting her while she also helped to care for him, Mr Bottomley said.

Judge Jonathan Rose said Booth had “a long and troubling antecedent history with a dreadful record for offences of dishonesty.”

She knew the victim was vulnerable and she targeted him.

Booth took another woman with her to steal from the man, tricking him into opening the door before they forced their way in.

He was pushed and pulled and pinned to the bed while Booth was under the influence of drugs.

Judge Rose said the victim was already in a heightened state of anxiety with security at his home stepped up. He was not physically harmed in the robbery but he had suffered psychological distress.

Judge Rose made a restraining order without limit of time banning Booth from contacting her victim.