BRADFORD's oldest pharmacy has 12,000 free face masks available for city centre shoppers ahead of July 24.

Wearing a face mask will become mandatory in shops and supermarkets from Friday.

Rimmington's Pharmacy says it is operating a 'no questions asked' policy, meaning if anyone in need of a mask can walk in and request one without the need to fill in a form.

Pharmacy manager Sajid Hussain hopes it will come in handy for those who are unsure where to get a mask or find they have forgotten to bring one into Bradford.

He told the Telegraph & Argus: "If you need a face mask, pop into Rimmington's. It's not just shoppers, it's service users.

"It's really no questions - walk in while you're shopping. You get a mask no questions asked. 

"Personally, I went shopping this weekend, partly to avoid the fact you have to wear a mask. The fear of what if I lose my mask, I've got to catch a bus, or I can't go into a shop or I don't have 50p. If everybody knew there's a place where you can go and get a face mask it eases off the pressure. 

"It's knowing where to go for a cheap mask. There's no forms to fill out. No questions asked."