THE Government must set out when businesses not yet given a date for reopening can start trading again to offer clarity and protect jobs, a Bradford MP warned.

Philip Davies (Conservative, Shipley) said the decision-making process on what can and cannot open appeared somewhat arbitrary and urged ministers to set out a roadmap for full reopening of the country.

He said: “I have spoken to many businesses who are concerned they are still closed and have no idea as to when they can open again and others such as the beauty industry that are now open but with restrictions on what services they can offer with no date for when they can offer a full range of treatments. There is still so much confusion and Government needs to provide as much information as it can to businesses in these extremely difficult times.

“Everyone accepts that things can change and are dependent on the transmission rate and if there is a spike in local areas but there is no reason why a provisional date cannot be announced. This was done for hairdressers and other industries weeks in advance of them opening, so other industries deserve the same clarity.”

Many venues including bowling alleys, soft-play areas for children and conference centres remain closed with no date for when they can yet reopen and trade again.

Dubbed Super Saturday, July 4 saw a large reopening of shops with more industries following this week (MON13) and a further small change on July 25 with swimming pools, indoor gyms and dance studios opening their doors.

Mr Davies is set to table Parliamentary Questions calling for Government to set out its plans, including full details for all businesses that are forced to remain closed.