75 LOCAL peace campaigners have formed a giant human peace symbol to mark the 75th anniversary of the first atomic explosion.

The demonstration by Yorkshire CND remembered all lives lost due to the testing and usage of nuclear weapons and called on Bradford Council to formally support the UN Treaty to ban all nuclear weapons across the globe.

“We had to do something to mark this milestone, but wanted to ensure we didn’t put anyone at risk," said Mike Barrett a local artist and graphic designer, who mapped out the event.

"The solution we came up with, was to mark out the symbol with painted pebbles placed 2 metres apart. Every participant has been given a specific number ahead of time to ensure we all maintain a safe distance.”

The event took place under very strict social distancing guidelines.

Campaigners want Bradford to join the growing list of global cities to back the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear weapons, which now numbers in the hundreds from Manchester to Munich, Sydney to San Francisco.

Yorkshire CND said Bradford had a great history as a city of peace with those taking part expected to include religious leaders and local councillors to peace campaigners and representatives of the city's Peace Museum and Peace Studies Department, alongside the myriad groups that have sprung up to support refugees fleeing conflict around the world.

“The UK ranks number three in the world in spending on weapons of mass destruction, how does that help local people in the challenges we face today? We should be investing in health and social care at home and peace building abroad,” said organiser Sue Easterbrook of Bradford Women in Black.

A ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings in Japan will take place in Norfolk Gardens at 11am on Saturday, August 8. It is expected to be attended by Naz Shah MP, Councillor Doreen Lee, the Lord Mayor of Bradford, and Rt Rev Dr Toby Howarth, the Bishop of Bradford.