THE items people consider to be the dirtiest in a hotel room have been revealed.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Company asked 1,894 Brits about their cleaning habits when visiting a hotel, the dirtiest items found, and what they would do before settling in.

10 items Brits find the dirtiest in hotel rooms are: Bed linens 92%; Glasses and mugs 88%; Remote controls 87%; Light switches 84%; Telephones 71%; Upholstered chairs/sofas 63%; Decorative cushions/blankets 55%; Windows and windowsills 45%; Curtains 22%; Carpets 19%

From the survey, End of Tenancy Cleaning Company discovered that a staggering 42% clean a hotel room before using it.

Upon arrival, Brits claim they check the following five items the most for cleanliness: (Hotel Items % of Brits that will check if it's clean): 

Bed linens 87%; Glasses and mugs 72%; Remote controls 65%; Telephones 57%; Light switches 49%.

The survey also revealed how long Brits spend cleaning a hotel room before use: - 46% spend half an hour - 21% spend at least an hour - 13% spend more than one hour.

End of Tenancy Cleaning also asked those who cleaned their hotel room whether they bring their own cleaning supplies.

A total of 29% said they did, while 13% said they just asked the hotel for supplies.

Of those that said yes, it was then discovered the most common cleaning supplies hotel guests bring which include: 1. Wet wipes (58%) 2. Bleach or sanitiser (51%) 3. Fragrance spray or candles (33%) 4. Own glass or mug (26%) 5. Own fresh sheets and towels (14%)