I’M not comfortable with the idea of wearing a face mask, but then I don’t suppose anyone is.

However we feel about them, from July 24, it will be mandatory to cover our faces in shops and on public transport, or risk a £100 fine.

Do masks make any difference to public health? Surely hand washing is more important. Masks can give a false sense of security, and re-using dirty ones could increase the spread of infection.

But wear them we must...and there are many YouTube tutorials on how to work the face covering. Beware though - not everyone can pull off the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard rock ‘n’ roll bandana.

And the novelty mask is just naff; even Dame Judi Dench looked silly in her wild cat one.

We might feel a bit awkward in a mask at first, but like everything else of late, we’ll get used to it.

* Have you come up with your own face mask design? What look are you rocking? Send your pictures to emma.clayton@nqyne.co.uk