THERE are fears 1,000 jobs are at risk due to a huge funding deficit of up to £40 million at West Yorkshire Police.

The GMB union has hit out after the details emerged last week.

Police staff perform various functions within the police service including control room operations, crime scene investigation, PCSOs and many other roles. 

Organiser Rachel Dix said: “Spending reviews, restructuring and re-focussing resources means one thing and one thing only; hundreds of our members face the threat of redundancy.

"We will not accept that, so the campaign to halt these cuts must now start. Our police officers need to be out there in our communities keeping us all safe. The public expect police officers to be visible, and not performing roles behind the scenes.

"Anyone who thinks they can increase their numbers by thousands whilst throwing those who support that policing structure onto the dole queue is fooling no one.”