ACTION is being demanded to crack down on anti-social use of quad bikes in a picturesque corner of the Bradford district.

There has been a string of reports from concerned residents in the Worth Valley about alleged speeding, and incidents of trespass and criminal damage.

In some instances, people who have tried to intervene have reportedly been spat at.

Farmer Philip Mellin is among those who has witnessed problems.

“The quad bikes have become a real concern – I have seen really dangerous driving,” he said.

“Many people have reported incidents to the police, but there has been a lack of action.

“We have been advised that only specialist officers can intervene, but we require them to come out when we need them and to take action.

“I have seen drivers spitting at residents and verbally abusing them when they try to intervene.”

District councillors in the Worth Valley say they are concerned at the rise in reports and have taken-up the residents’ cause.

Councillor Russell Brown said: “I have been having discussions with the police about taking action and getting specialist bike teams to support local officers.

“They are requesting support from Operation Steerside officers and the off-road bike team.”

Ward colleague Cllr Rebecca Poulsen said the bikers’ behaviour was unacceptable and she stressed the importance of people continuing to report incidents to the police.

“It is really important that any issues with quad bikes are reported so the police can build-up a picture and target the offenders,” she added.

“This behaviour is not acceptable and we fully support residents.”

And Cllr Chris Herd, a farmer, said the theft of quad bikes and farm equipment was also a problem.

“Quad bikes are essential on a farm and they are increasingly being targeted,” he said.

“If people see suspicious behaviour, please report it to help protect our area and local rural businesses.”

Keighley MP Robbie Moore shares concerns.

“It is alarming to see the number of quad bikes now using our highways – often travelling at high speeds with little regard for other road users and pedestrians,” he said.

Police inspector Adam Beecroft said officers were committed to tackling the problem.

“The summer months generally see an increase in calls where quad bikes are involved and officers have recently seized some of these vehicles in Keighley and neighbouring areas following information from the public,” he said.

“We are committed to making the district’s roads safer for all by taking action against those who use vehicles anti-socially and illegally, using targeted operations in areas where concerns have been identified.

“All instances of dangerous or anti-social driving in Bradford district should be reported to Operation Steerside.”