TWO petitions calling for Bradford Council to reconsider where it builds new crematoria have been launched.

The Council is in the process of replacing two of its Crematoria - Nab Wood and Scholemoor, by building new facilities in the North and South of the District.

Last year the Authority announced the two chosen locations for the sites. Nab Wood’s replacement will be at Long Lane, Heaton, and Scholemoor’s replacement will be built at Shetcliffe Lane, Bierley.

The choices for the two facilities were welcomed by many, as two of the districts parks had been on the shortlist for possible locations - Littlemoor Park in Queensbury for the South of Bradford Crematorium and Northcliffe Park in Shipley for the North of Bradford Crematorium.

A planning application for the Heaton crematorium was submitted last week.

New look at Heaton Crematorium plans as application is submitted

Bradford Council has said the chosen sites are two of only a handful in the District where a crematorium could legally be built.

Earlier this month two petitions were launched on Bradford Council’s petition page. Each one calls for the Council to re-consider the chosen locations.

The Shetcliffe Lane petition says: “The proposed location will increase traffic on the already highly congested Tong Street and on surrounding roads that will not be suitable for higher volumes of traffic.

“Poor transport links will make it difficult for mourners to get to funerals on time which will cause them great distress.

“The increased traffic will further increase journey times and further reduce air quality in the surrounding area, which will damage businesses, peoples health and the quality of local people’s lives.

“This comes on top of existing opposition to plans to build a large number of new houses on greenbelt in this and surrounding areas.”

The petition runs until September 4.

Queensbury park spared from development as site of new crematorium is announced

The petition over the Heaton Cemetery also raises concerns about traffic. It suggests the facility instead be built on Old Allen Road, between Thornton and Wilsden, next to a proposed multi faith cemetery that is also progressing through the planning system.

It says: “Long Lane/Shay Lane is a small road that runs through Heaton woods with narrow parts of the road where two cars cannot pass. Crematorium traffic will increase the amount of traffic on this road increasing the risk of accidents. A significant portion of the population in Heaton will not consider a cremation due to religious reasons; hence the visitors to the crematorium will not be walking but using some form of vehicular transport.

“The roads are already busy, and the proposed crematorium will add to exhaust fumes from the increased traffic, making air quality extremely poor.

“This fact alone makes a crematorium dangerous in a residential area.”

That petition runs until September 30.

Both petitions can be viewed by visiting