POLICE carried out a high visibility patrol of a major road between Leeds and Bradford yesteday, following regular reports of vehicles driving there at speed.

Officers from the Leeds West Neighbourhood Policing Team were on Bradford Road, which has been likened to a 'race track' by local residents in the past.

The road connects Leeds and Bradford and is a well-used thoroughfare between the two cities.

Police attended the road, in between Dawson's Corner in Leeds and Thornbury Roundabout in Bradford, following reports of vehicles speeding there at all hours of the day, but mainly during the early evenings.

The Pro Laser speed device was deployed by officers to assess the speed of vehicles on Bradford Road, which has a speed limit of 40 miles per hour.

A number of vehicles were stopped and words of advice were given to drivers about their speed.

In February, there were calls for speed cameras to be introduced on the road, amid fears from locals that it is only a matter of time before someone is killed there.

Last month, it was also revealed that Highways Officers were to take forward proposals asking the West Yorkshire Speed Reduction Partnership to review their criteria for fixed speed cameras, with local councillors hoping that this will lead to cameras being installed on Bradford Road.