BRADFORD Council will spend an extra £6 million on schemes to help the District recover from the Covid 19 pandemic.

At a meeting of the Council's Executive this week, members agreed to invest in a number of different areas.

A report to members said that despite the pressures on the Council's budget caused by the pandemic and national lockdown, extra spending was needed to deal with some of the most pressing issues raised by the crisis.

This include rising unemployment levels, adapting to social distancing measures, support for businesses and mental health issues among residents.

Financial impact of Covid 'severe' - but reserves will help Council withstand the hit for now

The funding measures approved this week include;

- £585,000 of support to the food supply chain to provide essentials for people facing financial hardship. This will include increased support for food banks.

- £900,000 towards domestic violence services to cope with an expected rise in need

- £250,000 to provide an extra 10 wardens through the district - two in each constituency

- £360,000 more towards welfare advice services

- £390,000 towards the social care market

- £210,000 to provide free school meals to vulnerable children over the Summer holidays

- £1.4m to allow the home to school transport service to implement social distancing

- £650,000 to boost mental health support

- £400,000 to provide tuition services

- £697,000 to SkillsHouse, a service that provides work training and is seen as vital in helping those who lost their job to develop new skills

- £150,000 to support the District's market service

- £1.2m to provide equipment and technology allow more children to get online

Council Leader Susan Hinchcliffe said: "If we are going into a depression, then we need to support our residents and our businesses with a number of interventions.

"These cost money, but they are essential."