PEOPLE have been invited to escape from Bradford and Yorkshire in a new online game.

MyEscapeFrom’s latest game challenges players to find their way out of The White Rose County in a virtual treasure hunt-style.

MyEscapeFrom...Yorkshire is the next in a series of online games and is available to play now.

It is the brainchild of Vicki Mackenzie (below), who has created the online game in which people will help local Viking legend, Ivar the Boneless, find his missing treasures.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

MyEscapeFrom...Yorkshire, was launched alongside MyEscapeFrom...Lancashire giving players their own War of the Roses battle and challenged them to see which county they could escape from fastest.

The challenges were created initially with the intention of curing lockdown boredom, but since connecting with local businesses and the games gaining plenty of interest online, Vicki is going on to create a full series of location-based or themed challenges.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

She said: “The first games were inspired as something to do with our friends during lockdown as we became bored of Zoom quizzes very quickly.

“But we had so much fun making the games, and thought it was a really cool way for people to learn about new places that they may have never visited before, and be able to explore them in a unique way.

“It's been great to engage with sponsors and contributors from each location.

“We’ve done some great collaborations and they’ve really helped with the local knowledge as they’ve liked being part of a unique project that raises awareness of their city.

“Getting to do all the research for the games is my favourite part, it feels like I am on a virtual holiday.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The Yorkshire challenge is available to play online at, alongside the Lancashire and Inverness themed games.

The Yorkshire game is £1.99 to play, and that’s the price is for a whole team. The games each take around 45 minutes to two hours, depending on team size, and players will need to use Google Maps, Streetview, local websites.