BRADFORD is the UK’s 54th sexiest place, according to a new sex map.

The city’s 349,561 residents have spent more on their sexual pleasure since lockdown anywhere else in the county.

Global sexual happiness brand Lovehoney has ranked all the main population centres in the UK including all of West Yorkshire to discover where sexual activity is highest.

Highest rated place in West Yorkshire was Wakefield in 16th place.

Rankings for other locations in West Yorkshire include Halifax (29th), Leeds (78th), Huddersfield (42rd), Cleckheaton (242nd), Ilkley (352nd), Keighley (379th), Castleford (456th), Shipley (462nd), Holmfirth (475th), Pudsey (493rd), Knottingley (496th), Bingley (621st), Brighouse (672nd), Dewsbury (704th), and Batley (739th).

The national table of 750 locations was headed by Sunderland.

A Lovehoney spokeswoman said: “Bradford is one the sexiest places in the UK with the biggest rise in sexual activity since lockdown.

“All our data shows that couples with great sex lives enjoy higher overall levels of happiness.”

The figures are based on Lovehoney’s extensive data on the UK’s sexual behaviour.