SHIPLEY MP Philip Davies is to take a new train service on Monday morning on his way down to Westminster that leaves from the town's station.

The MP says he has spent years lobbying rail bosses for more direct trains between Shipley and London.

He said the additional service departing at 8.50am was much needed as too few trains were direct with most people having to change at Leeds to travel to King’s Cross. In addition to the morning service, an extra return direct service will depart London at 16.33.

He said: “This is the first off peak train we have had to London meaning it is considerably cheaper than the other two.

"I know at the moment we are in uncertain times and not as many people will be travelling on the trains but when this pandemic is over, people will be travelling more and this extra service I hope will be extremely beneficial to the people of Shipley and surrounding areas.

“Too many of my constituents are forced to pay hefty fares but still find themselves without a seat, having to stand on packed trains or change onto another train to get a seat.

"We have needed more direct trains from Shipley to London for a very long time and I have raised the matter many times with Government ministers and LNER who run the East Coast franchise and I am delighted it has finally happened.”

This new service will mean on weekdays there are three direct trains daily between Shipley and London and two from London to Shipley.

Mr Davies added: “I also want to see an extra train later in the morning which will allow more people to benefit from off peak fares. Not everyone needs to travel in rush hour but for some people who may find it difficult to get on and off trains, parents with young children, disabled passengers or elderly people, they have no option but to pay higher prices.

"This is not right and while the extra train in the morning is welcomed, especially as it is off peak, we need to look at another off-peak direct service too.”