THERE has been a spate of hot-tub thefts in a Bradford community just weeks after a mother was left distraught when her 10-year-old’s paddling pool was taken.

Two more mums have expressed their anger following the disappearance of their inflatable tubs from their gardens in Ravenscliffe.

Both were taken overnight between Monday, June 29 and the morning of Tuesday, June 30.

It comes after Magdalena Dixit's 10-year-old son, Kevin, was left devastated after his paddling pool was taken from their garden in Osterley Grove, during the early hours of Thursday, June 4.

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The address is just a few streets away from where the most recent thefts occurred.

Una Balla, of Bowness Avenue, has two children who loved using the hot-tub.

It was up for around month before it was taken earlier this week.

Ms Balla admits she is shocked and disgusted by the actions of the culprits, after working hard to not only save up for the hot-tub - which cost around £500 - but also to find one, with demand shooting through the roof during the lockdown.

She said: "They (kids) waited for about two months while I searched for a hot-tub.

"We got it to try and make up for them not being able to celebrate their birthdays, one was at the end of March and the other at the end of May, so both missed having a proper birthday, so we got the hot tub.

"Everything was selling so fast and at a higher price than I was willing to pay.

"I wasn’t willing to pay two to three times the price these hot tubs were selling for before COVID.

"I finally managed to get that one and had it up for about a month before it was stolen.

"We worked hard to both save up for it, as well as all the work that went into finding one to buy.

"Then someone just hops a fence and takes it. It’s absolutely disgusting behaviour."

It is a similar tale for Natalia Townley, who lives on Benbow Avenue and now wants to move house because her family no longer feel safe.

Her and her partner went to bed at 1am and woke to find their £250 hot-tub had gone.

She said: " I feel violated and angry that I’ve worked hard all lockdown and got a son who’s been shielding, and a little girl from foster care who’s two, and my partner on furlough, so that was our enjoyment and especially for the kids.

"I’m at uni, so only work part-time, so it’s a lot of money to lose."

The mother says there were other hot-tub thefts in the area too and has since undertook her own investigation.

Miss Townley took to social media website, Facebook, in outrage at the actions of the "scumbags" and to ask for help.

She has managed to source some CCTV and claims the suspects were using wheelie bins, taken from other people's gardens, to transport the hot-tubs to their van.

Miss Townley has now even offered a £300 reward to anyone who can get in touch with her and tell her who stole their tub, to take them to the person responsible, or to where their hot-tub is.

She said on Facebook: "We don't want the hot-tub back now as the thought of your filthy, scummy, grubby paws on it actually makes me sick.

"So instead we have decided to find the person responsible."

Their hot-tub has nail varnish on it, to distinguish it.

Miss Townley said: "I want people to check the ones they see or get offered to buy, or if suddenly one turns up in their neighbours' gardens."

But West Yorkshire Police has warned against vigilantism.

A spokesperson for the force said: “Bradford East NPT have been made aware of a number of hot-tubs which have been stolen from the Ravencliffe area over the past week.

“Anybody who has been victim of these thefts please report it to the police.

“Police will investigate it by checking for cctv/witnesses and any other enquiries.

“Please do not take matters into your own hands and allow police to investigate this.”

If anybody has any information regarding the theft of hot-tubs in the local area you should contact Bradford East NPT.

You can do this on:

Or you can report this through Crimestoppers.