FIRE investigators have been searching the remains of industrial premises after a huge blaze destroyed a number of buildings on the site.

Crews from Bradford fire station were at the scene all day yesterday damping down the site after Monday afternoon's blaze at the business site off Thornton Road, Bradford.

The fire destroyed buildings on Water Lane behind Norcroft Street, which were believed to have housed car service, painting and tyre businesses.

A firm called Bradford BMW is believed to be based in the buildings but they could not be contacted to confirm whether the unit was involved in the blaze.

A number of vehicles were seen being moved away from the site at its height.

Firefighters maintained a presence at the scene overnight and fire investigators returned to the site in the morning.

An aerial unit and officers were in attendance yesterday.

Eight fire engines were scrambled to the scene, after a building with an asbestos sheeting roof caught fire in what is a largely industrial area.

They arrived to find a 25×25 metre building 100 per cent involved in fire.

The blaze sent thick black smoke billowing into the sky and could be seen for many miles.

Julian Steel, of Andante Freight, next to the site of the fire, said they were largely unaffected by the incident and were operating normally yesterday with the addition of two fire engines in their yard.

He said: "We weren't affected at all. We had the wind on our side, pushing the flames towards the city centre.

"We had no damage."

He said the buildings across Water Lane from his depot housed a car garage and a tyre business but he had few dealings with the firms.

Residents were advised to keep their windows shut during the blaze.

One resident said the smell of smoke was strong in Barkerend, while another said it could be seen from Baildon.

Another resident raised concerns about the effects of the thick black smoke on people's health.

They said: "I live about one mile from the fire and like many could smell smoke in the air last night.

"I could see mist in the air all around where I live, which was smoke.

"To my shock and horror it has been revealed vast amounts of asbestos were involved in this fire, and asbestos fibres are carried in burning asbestos.

"This asbestos laden smoke drifted over huge areas of Bradford, Thornbury, Pudsey, and I am now scared about the implications on health."