COUNCIL bosses will discuss plans to buy two children's homes at a meeting next week.

Bradford Council’s Executive will be asked to approve spending £900,000 on the purchase of two residential children’s homes when it meets virtually next Tuesday.

The locations of the facilities have not been revealed, but the plan involves £400,000 being used to buy a property that the Council is currently leasing, and the other £500,000 being spent on buying a new property to replace a children's home that is "no longer of a suitable size or quality to best meet the needs of the children."

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A report going to the Council's Executive Committee next week says the purchases would be funded by a mixture of corporate borrowing and the proceeds of sale of the existing home.

Councillor Adrian Farley, Bradford Council's portfolio holder for children and families, said: “Bradford Council is totally committed to the continual improvement of the social care services we deliver to vulnerable children and purchasing these homes is a key step in that process.

“Purchasing the property we currently lease gives us greater control over its use and offers more stability for our children and staff as well as being more cost effective in the long run.

“Moving the other existing home into a new, larger and better quality building will allow us to deliver services more effectively and provide our children with a better environment in which we can support them to thrive.

"Unfortunately the existing building is no longer fit for purpose. As we have expanded services, we have outgrown the building and by moving to new accommodation we will be better able to work with families leading to improved outcomes for children.

“This is a positive move in our on-going efforts to provide outstanding care for the most vulnerable children and young people in our district.

"All children and young people in Bradford deserve to get the best possible support and opportunities, no matter what challenges they may face.”