AN Audi A3 crashed after its driver "lost control" while being chased by police.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police's Steerside Enforcement Team first spotted the vehilce in the Bradford West area on Saturday afternoon.

Police tried to pull the driver over, but they failed to stop and drove off from officers.

They then chased after the Audi in their vehicle.

It ended when the driver of the Audi "lost control" and was in a collision.

The Audi suffered damage to its front, with the bonnet crumpled upwards and the front bumper smashed.

But there were no injuries.

Police seized the car and the driver faces prosecution for several offences.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "This Audi A3 failed to stop for us earlier in Bradford West, the pursuit ended in a collision after the driver lost control.

"Thankfully no injuries to anyone.

"The driver will now face prosecution for several offences and has lost the car."