NHS workers across the district have united to explain how to do finger spelling as part of Deafblind Awareness Week.

The video was created by Naomi Berry, a newly qualified practice nurse in Bradford, who was raised by grandparents who were both profoundly deaf.

She learnt to sign from around three years of age, starting with the alphabet before moving onto words.

"As I grew up it became even more important to raise awareness in relation to deaf patients and how to communicate with them efficiently," Naomi said.

"I work at an inner city practice based within Bradford, children within Bradford are two and half times as likely to be deaf than the UK population as a whole; therefore it is important to support these patients and their family to have the same care provided to other patients."

"There are 900,000 people in the UK who are profoundly deaf in the United Kingdom."

You can learn how to do the alphabet via 'GPN Student Nurse Network' on Twitter or watch below...