POLICE have revealed that an operation on a Bingley Street was in connection with a toxic chemical sometimes used in diet pills.

The bomb squad and police were among those who attended the incident at Percy Street.

Police said a small quantity of the substance, which is poisonous to humans, was found at the property.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: “At about 10am today (Thursday) police and the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Crime Unit attended an address in Percy Street, Bingley, as part of a pre-planned operation.

“A search of the property led to the discovery of a small amount of what is believed to be a toxic chemical that is sometimes sold as a diet pill for weight loss.

"It is poisonous to humans and can be unstable if not stored properly.

“The substance has since been removed and taken to a location where it has been disposed of safely.”

“Enquiries are continuing at the address.”

People at the scene had earlier speculated that the presence of the bomb disposal unit meant that explosives like a World War Two weapon had been found at the terraced house.

Police said the raid was not terrorism related.

Four plain police cars and seven police officers in plain clothes were on the scene as well as the bomb squad.

An eyewitness said they had been told by an officer: “We’re not allowed to tell you as yet, we’re not sure what it is”.

“I said ‘Army bomb disposal here, is it a World War Two bomb?’ The officer said ‘No it isn’t’.”

A resident said they had been told it was regarding an unidentified substance.

Martin Storey, 43, who lives on the street, said he had heard someone had found something in a house and they didn’t what it was.

One woman said she had asked if they need to be evacuated but was told it was safe to stay where they were.

One Army officer was seen seated talking to plain clothes police officer.

One resident said: "As long as it's not dangerous and not affecting anyone in any way.

"You think automatically, bomb, terrorist attack.

"It's not everyday you see bomb disposal. They obviously think something is going on somewhere.

"It's hard to tell. They've obviously been called for a reason."