A BOMB disposal squad and police officers are on the scene of an incident in Bingley.

The team are investigating at house on Percy Street, off Mornington Road, in the town.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said the incident was not terrorism related.

An eyewitness said they had been told by an officer: "We're not allowed to tell you as yet, we're not sure what it is".

"I said 'Army bomb disposal here, is it a World War Two bomb?' The officer said 'No it isn't'."

Four plain police cars and seven police officers in plain clothes are on the scene as well as the bomb squad.

A resident said they had been told it was regarding an unidentified substance. They've been there since about 10am.

One Army officer was seen seated talking to plain clothes police officer.

One resident said: "As long as it's not dangerous and not affecting anyone in any way.

"You think automatically, bomb, terrorist attack.

"It's not everyday you see bomb disposal. They obviously think something is going on somewhere.

"It's hard to tell. They've obviously been called for a reason."

Martin Storey, 43, who lives on the street, said he had heard someone has found something in a house and they didn't what it was.

One woman said she had asked if they need to be evacuated but was told it's safe to stay where they are.