NEW railings at a Saltaire mill are needed to prevent people falling down a steep riverbank.

A planning application to install railings around the boundary of New Mill, home of Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, have been submitted to Bradford Council.

With Saltaire being a World Heritage site, applications for seemingly minor developments such as railings or new front doors have to be given much more rigorous scrutiny.

The car park ends next to a low wall, which leads to a steep bank of the River Aire.

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The application for the railings says: "The intention is to install new railings along the edge of the car park area to create a safety barrier for carpark users, to prevent any falls or trips down the steep bank to the river.

"This area is also subject to regular trespassers who access the steep riverbank, which is a great safety concern to the building owner."

A decision on the application is expected late next month.