PLANS to demolish a reservoir building and build a large house in its place have been approved by Bradford Council.

In recent years there have been numerous plans to re-develop the Idle Hill Reservoir site, which overlooks Shipley and Saltaire and is one of the highest points in the area.

These included an application to build eight houses on the site, which was refused, and another for five homes, which was withdrawn after highways officers raised concerns about the scheme.

But yesterday an application for one large house on the site, submitted by D Lovett, was approved by planning officers.

Plan to demolish Wrose house to build five homes in its place is approved

A service road from Westfield Lane to the site would be used as access to the house.

The application said of the existing reservoir building: "The building has no obvious future use and, as it is gradually deteriorating structurally."

Material from the demolished reservoir building would be re-used in the construction of the house, according to the applications.

Planning officers said there was no planning reason to refuse the development, and the fact that plans were now for a single dwelling would solve many of the previous highway concerns.

Some objectors had raised concerns that the single home plan could open the door for further development on the site.

However, planning officers pointed out that any such development would require further planning applications, and would be judged on their own merit.